……… ……. How to Target “Absentee Owners” thru Postcards? – Wholesaling & Flipping Houses – …… I will personally Teach & Mentor you on How to Flip Houses with no credit or cash. Enjoy the videos and audios of deals I’ve done and FREE REAL…

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11 Responses to “How to Target “Absentee Owners” thru Postcards? – Wholesaling & Flipping Houses –”
  1. blackberryjuice1 says:

    Did you learn this technique from Cris Chico? Also, what is the difference between the National and County subscriptions to RealQuest?

  2. TeachMeFlipping says:

    Some of them are

  3. ishmell1 says:

    Do those properties that are on an absentee list are they free of mortgages?

  4. TeachMeFlipping says:

    It can only help but not necessary

  5. rhagel1 says:

    If you use RealQuest, do you still need to have MLS info too?

  6. TeachMeFlipping says:

    The power of the internet, faxes and UPS,

    No, the owner does not have to be there

  7. lablancaponder says:

    how do you proceed as far as closing once you get ahold of the owner if they dont live in the state? does the owner have to be physically present?

  8. TeachMeFlipping says:

    I give away a lot of info, I mean a lot
    That info is including in my course

  9. guitardrummer87 says:

    When you send letters to the owners, what do you write in it?

  10. pimpingoo says:

    Thanks for posting this it is helpful.

  11. TeachMeFlipping says:

    can’t answer that, give their sales team a call

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